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Welcome to WMPCS

As one of the largest Kärcher Pressure Washer distributors in the United States, West Michigan Power Cleaning Systems is an industry expert. We will help you find the right power washing solution, no matter what your needs.

We specialize in selling consumer and commercial pressure washers, parts, and accessories from Kärcher, complemented by additional top-rated brands. Our extensive inventory includes new, used and reconditioned/refurbished equipment and we have a full service facility with certified technicians.

We buy top-rated machines in incredible volume and pass the savings along to our customers. At West Michigan Power Cleaning, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers - finding cleaning solutions, providing exceptional customer service and great prices.

Shop on-line or shop in our showroom. Call us or visit us today!

Low Prices • Fast Delivery • Excellent Customer Service • Free Technical Support • Easy Returns

How to Pressure Wash Your Deck

What is the proper procedure when cleaning a deck? Jerry demonstrates how with a standard 25 degree tip and 3000 psi 3 gallon per minute pressure washer.

Karcher Heated Pressure Washer Demo

Jerry demonstrates how to clean a forklift with a Karcher Portable Heated Pressure Washer. To clean the forklift, he uses 300 psi @ 2 gpm and 285 degree steam.